Scholarship Program


We offer a full scholarship to a graduating female student of the Diria Institute to go to university. The scholarship is for $5000 US and covers their 5-year undergraduate degree including tuition, transportation, books and lunches. Students at The Study are responsible to raise the funds needed to send these girls to school and to choose the recipient of the yearly scholarship award. A qualitative and quantitative approach is taken on 3 categories: grades, community service and degree of poverty. The applicants submit a written application and answer specific questions, which are then read by the student selection committee.

We are very proud to say that since the inception of the scholarship program, we have had five graduates (2 in medicine, nursing, economics as well as in banking and finance). Currently we have 5 students that we are sponsoring and will be choosing the 2018 recipient in January


Our Graduates

2010 Scholarship Recipients

Bernarda (Economics)

Graduated in 2015 as the top student in her graduating class.

The first in her family to obtain a university degree.

Works at the largest private hospital in Nicaragua.

100_0259Maria Gabriella (Medicine)

Among the top 5 graduating students in her class.

The first in her family to obtain a university degree.

Finishing her residency in March 2018.

Receives her diploma as a doctor in June 2018.

Eventually wants to do a sub-specialization in paediatric oncology.





2011 Scholarship Recipient

Cindy (Banking and Finance)

Obtained one of the highest grades for her undergraduate thesis.

The first in her family to obtain a university degree.

After a rigorous selection process, was the only candidate out of 18 to have been hired as a credit analyst by the largest network of micro finance banks in Nicaragua.





2012 Scholarship Recipient

Geysel (Nursing)

Earned the University’s research award for her thesis: Preventative Health Services in Sex Workers in Nicaragua.

The first in her family to obtain a university degree.

While waiting for her license to come in, she took an additional course in “Dialysis and Hemodialysis”.

Working at a brand new clinic.





2013 Scholarship Recipient

Maria Jose (Nutrition)

Waiting to defend her thesis.

The first in her family to obtain a university degree.

She was selected among the top students in her program to do advanced clinical work as a nutritionist in hospitals across Managua.





Currently Attending School

2015 Scholarship Recipient

Valeria (Medicine)

Aspires to be a oncologist.





2016 Scholarship Recipients


Candelaria (Banking and Finance)

Aspires to become an Investigative Auditor to tackle corruption






Ethel (Psychology)

Has worked with high school students in Managua, using her training as a psychologist to help with school counselling

Aspires to be hired as a psychologist at the university





2017 Scholarship Recipients

Belkis (Medicine)

Aspires to be a cardiologist





Estefania (Nursing)

Studying to be a maternal-fetal nurse.





2018 Scholarship Recipient

Ashley Mendoza Delgado (Medicine)




Iveth Lopez Jaenz (Business Administration)