The Initiative

In 2009, a grade 9 student approached me with an idea. Sofia Essayan-Perez proposed that The Study form a partnership with The Diria Institute, a high school in rural Nicaragua. Sofia had volunteered in the area ever since she was in grade 6, teaching science to local students.

_LIO9142bAfter much discussion, our partnership has developed into three distinct endeavours: a scholarship program, a yearly school improvement and a community service trip to Nicaragua.

Amalia Liogas
Coordinator of the Nicaragua Project



Great News

We are very proud to have received the National Coalition of Girls’ Schools Moulton Grant of $1000 US.

“The Study in Quebec has been named the recipient of the Moulton Student Global Citizenship Grant. NCGS co-founder Meg Moulton established this annual prize in honour of the Coalition’s 25th anniversary for a faculty-led team of NCGS member school students. The grant will help engage their global mindfulness by developing empathy and respect for others. The grant will allow The Study community to continue building its existing relationship with The Diria Institute, a high school in rural Nicaragua, and create a vocational center for girls.

Not many girls in the region are able to attend university. The goal of the vocational center is to not only teach a vocation, but to educate the girls about the economics of establishing a small business. The center will include sewing, cooking, gardening, woodworking and electronics. The long-term plan includes the availability of small loans to women entrepreneurs.”


And in More Good News

The Nicaragua Initiative was chosen as a community partner by Sparkfun. The award allows us to choose $700 worth of electronic goods for our new vocational center.