March 2, 2024

Today, we started off our day with a journey to Mombacho. To accomplish this once in a lifetime experience, (quite literally because I died) we had to take 2 interesting shuttle-like busses up a very steep, bumpy, and curvy path. I was pretty sure I was going to throw up on this roller-coaster like experience however I potentially survived. Once we were at the top, I realized that the bumps had pushed all the water, that was forced down our throats by Doctor Perez and Ms. Liogas, to my bladder and I really had to relieve myself. I begged Sophie L 👑 to accompany me to the outhouse behind the main lobby section. When we got there, we were greeted by a huge wasp that was out to get us. Then I proceeded to enter the bathroom and realized that it was pitch black in there and I physically could not lock myself in there. So as a solution, Sophie decided to keep a little crack open so that I wouldn’t be in the dark and she would stand guard. However, the wind had other plans. One gush of wind pushed the door open and I let out a terrified screech. Anyways, that was quite the experience. After all those shenanigans were over, we started our hike around one of 4 craters of the volcano. Everything was so beautiful, and we were exposed to so many different eco-systems. We got quite the workout. After all that was over, we had to drive back down the same bumpy, curvy, and very steep path, and let’s just say what goes up must come back down. (I think that while sitting next to Ms. Liogas, I almost pushed her off her chair because of the force that each turn would exert on our bodies)

After the volcano, we went to a fish restaurant on Lake Nicaragua, and we had a wonderful experience. I must state that we got attacked emotionally by some very scary looking cats. But besides that, the food was so good. I also got to play Rumi 500 with Ariana (Her version is so wrong, I have to teach her the real way). Some musicians also joined and played for us some of the music that we danced to yesterday, and it made me reminisce and regret leaving our buddies, but at the end of the day there’s nothing I can do about it.

After our lunch, we went to get some ice cream, and that was quite chaotic and I was really worried, because our lactose intolerant friend, Chelsea, decided to get a big milkshake. I was on edge, waiting for a traumatic experience. Thankfully, the explosion was controlled because Chelsea managed to cut the right wire. We were all saved for a dangerously bad scene.

To continue, we went to the Masaya market, which is a quite old artisanal market. Everything was really beautiful and colourful. Ariana, Chelsea and I were in a group together and we discovered the art of bargaining and deal making. We tried on some flabbergasting dresses and skirts, and we looked very bad in them. We also found some very gorgeously carved canes and we were determined to get one for our beloved Ms. Liogas, however she refused unless it was a turtle. So we went on a mission to find that turtle cane, and came back unfortunately unsuccessful. Towards the end, we found some beautiful Hawaiian shirts that Ari and I will rock tomorrow at the beach day. (Stay tuned to see them in action)

Finally, we ended our day at a restaurant (where I am currently writing this blog entry) that we had never been to before and we had some interesting conversations. I have discovered that my patience is running very low and although this trip has been wonderful, 10 days with the same people is a lot.

All in all, today was a good day and I look forward to giving my family the souvenirs I got them and I also look forward to the beach day we have planned tomorrow. (I will beat Ms. Liogas at Rumi)

Peace out everyone, I’ll see you all when I get back. -Ava

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