Saturday, March 5


This morning, the disappointment of leaving Diria was still remnant and the week’s exhaustion had officially caught up to us (well, me at least – Ms. Howard likes to remind me every day that I’m very obviously not a morning person). After getting onto the bus and to the base of the Mombacho volcano however, a little bit of excitment crept back to us. The truck ride up and down were bumpy and a little bit terrifying but not as terrifying as seeing absolutely nothing at the top because of a cloud forest. As we started walking the trails with our guides, the day started to clear up and the views became more and more visible and beautiful. Although the amount of wooden steps we had to go up was tiring, the experience was worth it. Our group got to look out over Granada and admire the great sights ahead of us. What is more, I volunteered myself first to stick my hand in a hole in the ground that ended up simply being a steam hole. Needless to say, I regretted calling myself the brave one in the group for a few seconds. All in all, our morning hike was a perfect way to start the day.










Lac Nicaragua

Le tour en bateau fut magnifique. Le ciel, la lumière orangée, le volcan au loin déformant l’horizon… La coque de bois, enfoncée dans l’eau marron, nous transporta autour des îles, crées par une des éruptions du Mombacho. La faune et la flore nous ont beaucoup impressionnées. Les grands arbres aux troncs déformés, les singes et les milliers d’oiseaux qui volaient autour de nous, nous faisaient tournés la tête dans tous les sens. Le conducteur du bateau nous donna du pain pour attirer les sardines. L’eau claquait aux deux bords. Il y avait aussi des petits bateaux de pêche et des personnes qui nageaient dans le Lac.






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