February 27

Today we went back to the school and had our first full teaching day. In the morning, we played a some fun relay games with the grade seven girls before going into our classes. After the last class we really started to get to know one another. We taught them a few of our games and they taught us some of theirs. It was such an amazing experience because we got a chance to interact with one another on a different level outside of the classroom. We all had so much fun playing around, laughing and taking pictures, it felt as if we had known them for much longer than just 2 days. It was a great feeling knowing they were all so eager and excited to spend time with us and I can’t wait to go back again tomorrow!

Lauren McKenzie


My favourite moment of the day was during our second class. My teaching group was teaching 9B, and the class was coming to an end. To pass the time, and in order to keep engaging the class, we decided to play “Un éléphant”, which is a french hand-game. As we kept repeating the song, and as more people got eliminated, the class kept getting more excited, waiting to see who was going to win. Two of the girls in the class came over to Vivian and I, and asked what the song was about. Vivian started to explain what the song was about, an elephant swinging on a spiderweb. Suddenly, the entire class’ faces lit up, because they knew exactly what song that we were talking about. They had the exact same song in Spanish, but with a different tune and a different goal. Instead of ending with the elimination of one of the players, their song is never ending. It was my favourite moment of the day because of the reaction of the students, and because of the connection we made through a simple hand-game song. It amazes me how easily you can connect to people, despite a language barrier. I look forward to teaching more of the kids at the Diria Institute, and getting to know as many of the students as possible.

Chloé Monty


Today, we visited Iveth’s home. Iveth is one of the two scholarship winners of 2018. Iveth, her parents and adorable little cousin welcomed us into their home. Her mother started by explaining that she had to move from Diria to Costa Rica in order to work as a maid to gain a higher income. There, she met her husband and had Iveth. In Costa Rica, her father was diagnosed with kidney failure and had to have a transplant. He can no longer work and has to take 15 pills a day for the rest of his life. When we asked Iveth what winning the scholarship meant for her, she explained that she wants to be able to financially support her parents so, that her mother doesn’t have to work so hard. Iveth has had her eye on the scholarship ever since she entered the Institute in Grade 7. It’s amazing to have been apart of the fulfilment of her first of many goals. Her story is extremely motivational and has really allowed me to realize the importance of the scholarship. I am so grateful that I am able to see first hand how the scholarship can transform her life and the life of her family.

Chloe Malikotsis

Playing sports at The Diria Institute
Playing sports at the Diria Institute
Relay races
The painter who painted all the murals in the classrooms
Lunch at the home of Dr. Perez’ parents.





Teaching a class

The group with Iveth (our 2018 scholarship winner)
The group with Ashley (our 2018 scholarship winner)

3 Replies to “February 27”

  1. … Day 3 at school … and so the bonding is becoming stronger and stronger … the friendships and connections solidifying … this journey presenting more and more emotional ties and life lessons.
    Well folks, we may have to go to Diria to drag our daughters home…!!
    And “JR”, your posting of 2 days ago brought tears to my eyes … thank you for sharing that very moving experience.

  2. chloe I feel very melancholy when reading what you have expressed about my family.

    I can only say that I love you very much and it was very nice to have met you ❤

  3. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    chloe I feel very melancholy when reading what you have expressed about my family.

    I can only say that I love you very much and it was very nice to have met you ❤

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