February 24, 2024

Today we did many activities including a session at the chocolate factory where we learnt about the process of making different chocolate and taste testing them. In addition, we went to the Garden Café for lunch; a cozy outdoor eating area that was filled with beautiful scenery. My favourite part of today consisted of the boat tour that we went on after lunch touring the 7th largest lake in the world: Lake Nicaragua. Our tour guide took us through all the scenic places and showed us the wonderful flora and fauna, such as herons, howling monkeys, macaws, pigs, water lilies, lilac, palm trees etc. We stopped at a fort from colonial times and took beautiful pictures of the setting sun over the lake. We ended off our day with some delicious steak. Overall, it was a really great day, and I am excited to see what tomorrow holds for me! -Ava Seirafi

Our first day in Grenada was very touristic. Grenada, the first colony in Nicaragua founded in 1524, is a beautiful place full of colour and nature. The houses, in every colour imaginable, were covered in so many gorgeous plants. Personally, I think that if Canadian infrastructure were as colourful, we would be even happier. During our sightseeing, we saw so many beautiful things, but sadly some negative things as well. What stuck out to me the most was the number of working children that we saw. Little girls, no older than ten, were trying to sell us candy or just begging for money. At dinner, there was a small boy staring through the window at our food, and it broke my heart. This trip is very necessary, but it is still upsetting. Tomorrow is a new day for growth, learning, laughter and tears, and I couldn’t be more excited. -Priya Kennedy

Our first proper day on the trip was full of laughs, sun, and learning. We started the day off with a nice walking tour that brought us to the top of a church that allowed for a gorgeous 360 view of Grenada. We then spent some time learning about the process of making chocolate, as well as getting to taste the bars. We went to a nice restaurant for lunch with a cute gift shop. This followed with a boat tour. We spent the late afternoon getting to see many animals, species of flowers/trees as well as ending it on a small island that allowed for a wonderful view. The day ended at an amazing steak restaurant, where our laughter and joking around filled the whole restaurant. The day truly was filled with amazing touristic and learning opportunities, but the sight of having to watch young and old people work in the extreme heat, knowing this is their life is truly heartbreaking. No matter how many times I’ve seen this, it’s a hard thing to get used to, knowing you can’t give to everyone, which means you can’t truly give to anyone. I think the days to come with the kids at the school, will help realise that our scholarship can help more than just a family, but the whole community. I’m excited for what’s to come and what more I can learn.  -Chelsea Noonoo

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