Monday, February 29

The opening assembly at the Diria Institute.

















Ms. Zannis doing a PD session with some of the teachers at the Diria Institute.



The girls teaching English to grades 10 and 11.





Ms. Howard teaching science with the help of Mme Bousser.

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Our students with Ethel (2016 Scholarship winner)



Our students with Jocelyn (2015 scholarship winner)



We pulled up to the school, excited as ever and ready for what we had been waiting/talking about since May of last year. We each took 1 out of 22 donation suitcases we had brought from Montreal and started to bring it to the agora. Looking around, Ms. Liogas pointed out how they painted The Study crest on their wall. All eyes were on us when we entered and as we brought the suitcases to their stage. Multiple emotions were running through my head at this moment, emotions of excitement, nervousness, warmth and a little vulnerability to have 400 students watching your every move. We unpacked all the donations from the bags for everyone to see. After we had finished this process, we were told to sit on stage where they had seats for us as the guests of honor. Three students walked in holding three different flags, the Nicaraguan flag, Canadian flag along with a flag of their school crest. They then played their country’s anthem and later played ours, before we presented and showed all the donations one at a time. It went by very quickly. Afterwards, 4 girls and 4 boys came out and presented a beautiful dance that seemed to be well rehearsed. Most of the girls were mesmerized by how graceful they moved to the rhythm; it was something extremely unique. Once the assembly was over, we had the pleasure of meeting our buddies. My buddy’s name is Fernanda. She’s a sweet girl who seemed to be very compassionate and friendly. All The Study girls seemed ecstatic to meet and get to know our buddies by playing games (still nervous about the language). Lunch seemed to arrive quickly where we ate at the magical garden of Mr and Mrs Perez as we practiced our lesson plans for the afternoon of teaching ahead of us. Once we returned to the school, we got to our assigned class for 45 minutes of teaching. My group and I were extremely nervous for the language barrier but once we got to teaching it didn’t seem to be a problem anymore because we communicated by hand gestures and examples. All in all, I think I can speak for my classmates by saying; it was a day we will definitely remember.

Lisa Marie

6 Replies to “Monday, February 29”

  1. Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy days to write these wonderful updates. I love reading about all of your wonderful experiences, and seeing the beautiful smiles on your faces as you explore and meet so many new friends! Stay safe:-)

  2. Thank you so much for the photos and keeping us updated with your days.
    Your reflections are so beautiful and well written, they transport me and let me imagine what you are living and seeing.
    I miss Julia as all your parents are missing you… But what an amazing experience you are living!
    Enjoy every minute and let your hearts grow!

  3. Quelle belle expérience que vous vivez présentement, J’ai l’impression d’être avec vous, merci pour les belles photos et ce beau témoignage!!!


  4. Thank you so much for the blog! It’s so nice to actually see the place, the people and certainly our girls. We appreciate the time you take to post and to write about the experiences and the day! We wish we were there with all of you. Susane and Walter

  5. Thank you for the vibrant and telling photos and for the reflections from The Study Students. What a great idea to have our students write their own perspectives and share these with us.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip and bring back some sunshine. I will spare you the forecast for Montreal!!

  6. To watch you girls acting with compassion, it makes my heart burst with pride.
    The good manners and respect you are using around each other and now using with nicaraguan people are nothing short of amazing.
    You girls are smart, hard working , grounded and all beautiful .

    Mike Melatti ( Lisa Marie’s proud dad )

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